Rabbit is also generally known as Rabb.it. It was a video streaming website with mobile application. Firstly it was launched in 2014 it was main controlled by California in United State. The main service was to provide content sharing among peoples via remote based browse on same time. In this article you will get knowledge about Rabb.it alternative.

On Rabb.it a host can create a room, where he invites other friends and peoples to join. Just creator had to set the room public to join other peoples. It shares content with the help of a virtual computer known as “Rabbitcast” or using Google Chrome extension known as “Share on Rabbit”. Whatever the content was the host opened that were displayed to all other users in that room along with the video and the audio. Rabb.it also provides the facility to text and video chat alongside this feature. Rabb.it   provides   a way to watch online videos with your friends and family.


As all other   popular streaming   websites as we know   YouTube and Netflix, Rabb.it   could not host   the viewed content. Rabb.it streamed a “Rabbitcast”  with help of browser, which is used to navigate  other websites and content .A  Rabbitcast  is a Rabbit-hosted,  shared  the  Firefox  that could be   viewed  and  controlled  by  other . It also has an add-blocker.

 When beta released in 2013, after that, it offered only limited Mac   characteristic, once again Rabbit redesigned   as a web app in 2014.This service adds 400,000 users by end of the year.  With the help of most activate users   28.5 hours a month. The company had 30 employees all over the world as of May 2019.

In July 2019, Rabbit CEO Amanda Richardson breaks an announcement that the site could soon cease operations; In May, VC funding had failed. Amanda Richardson forced to lay off staff and stay shutting Rabbit down immediately. Due  to this  Scorn announcements all members of staff had been let   go, the site remained semi-functional  until July 31,2019 and when the server were shut down. On July 31, 2019, an announcement break that its remaining Standing Crop (Intellectual property, software stack, and several patents had been acquired by streaming service Kast.

What happened was that investors just withdrew from the Business? There were no legal issues or anything similar that forced Rabb.it to shut down. Rabb.it   is good app and web-based   service for   text chat   with videos streaming. Rabbit has many alternatives for watching videos and movies in groups. We can  watch TV and Movies while chatting in the chat room. Hang out with up to 25 of our   friends, or join a live Rabbit room. Best way to   Use Rabbit from your   PC, IOS or   Android. Open the site you want to share now with your friends or family.

Tutturu.tv works just like Rabb.it. Tutturu provides everything likewise rabbit. It is also a share browsing service. Its service is very comfortable to use and good way with your friends and family. Community is   friendly and well performed so that the customer service is great and works according to our need. If user submits the report to developers through the site then they give rapid reply as a best service in my chat room. Their response is very helpful and of detailed information.


 By using this service we are capable to do our fixed problems directly on   rapid response. The site is easy to use and their support during issues has always been the most of attendance and careful customer service experience. The developers are really great and very careful about their user. The developers are taking suggestions and doing their best   to continue to brighten the experience. This most popular Rabb.it alternative.


Careful Features:

  • Private rooms and free virtual browsers!
  • Remote passing; browse interactively with your friends!
  • Audio chat and text chat, with formatted message support                                                                                                        

Other Importance:

  • Mobile App(IOS/Android)
  • Public Rooms
  • Video Chat         
  • I use it to watch YouTube videos easily with my long distance friends. It connects with them by strong relationship. There barely any problems with the site itself, but if anything goes wrong the developers are really quick to come in and help.

Visit: Website (Free)

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Kosmi is a website where we can create play games, watching videos, socializing through videos, voice and text chat in chat room like Netflix.This is one of the best Rabb.it alternative.If our room is public then random users of Kosmi can send a request to join. But if it is private then it cannot be listed then we can share the link with friends to join. The developers will be able to build their experience to run in the chat rooms.


When we can create the chat room, we can invite to other friends to join this chat room. The videos that we can watch are restricted to support as on YouTube, daily motion, sound cloud, Vimeo, Facebook etc. Kosmi also allows creating virtual hangouts with your friends.

Careful Features:

  • Share your screen or browser tab for watching together Netflix/Amazon Prime/Twitch or whatever happens on your screen/browser tab
  • Watching synced local video files
  • Watching synced YouTube videos
  • Start a NES Or SNES Emulator which can be played in multiplayer by all room members
  • Play a game of Quake 3!
  • Start a Texas Holdem Poker table for having a Poker night with your friends
  • Start a Virtual Cartable for playing any card game that can be played with a standard deck of cards

Visit: Website (Free)

3- Watch2Gather

Watch2Gather is videos broadcaster that allows us to watch online videos. watch2gather is infect a watch2Gather.com website where we can watch videos on daily base. Here we can use a temporary name or Sign Up/log in for an account. This website provides us a collection of content sources such as Dailymotion, YouTube or Sound cloud. Watch2Gather room automatically delete after a day. This is very useful Rabb.it alternative. If we want to keep it in our chat room then we have to click the save option from it.


We can create a chat room on Watch2Gather. We can add friends or family in our chat room as in other social group. You make fun by yourself and with the help of our invited/add friends. We are capable to send displayed link to you friends by using any possible way.   Possible   ways such as Email, Facebook, Whatsapp, Skype etc. sometime user  facing some issues therefore we need to mentions it .To makes service best anybody  do hard work for it.

Some Careful Issues:

  • Video uncontrollably and frequently pausing and unpausing, despite the fact that nobody is interacting with the video player.
  • Videos in the playlist are frequently skipped accidently.
  • Sometime videos start from the middle or end instead of the beginning.
  • Sometime videos will not load up at all.
  • Sometime users are unable to log into their accounts, or it says that their name is taken.

Visit: Website (Free)


Simulchat is one of the best Rabbit   Alternatives. We can create a private chat room for video calling. We can also play game on it. Simulchat is a one the best   streaming website where two person watch video/movies together or listen to music and do more together while sitting in different locations all around the world. Simulchat allows us to   watch videos/movies together with our friends while talking/calling to other at the same time but from different locations. This is the most amazing thing in it, to connect the people from long distance to short distance. It provides entertainment through the room. This is one of the best Rabb.it alternative.


 We are connected with our friends from anywhere. We can enjoy the availability of features like when we make a video call, or by using YouTube watching movies together. This website also provides the text chat. All the first activities of this website are start with the help of text chat. You feel like as you are watching T.V in your room. It also makes sure that your YouTube videos are synced. You can share videos and your files on it.

Simulchat website is safe or scam to browse. It has a global traffic rank in world. People come here from all over the world. You cannot access the other sites such as Amazon or Netflix. Simulchat is easy to use and web-based service. Watch YouTube together or Talk to each other.  Signup for friends what our friend like.

Visit: Website (Free)

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Together Tube is one of the best Rabb.it alternatives. Together Tube is another amazing to that doesn’t require any registration. It allows to their user to watch videos, listen audio together in all around the world.  In Together Tube we can create public chat room. All users can add videos from the supported stations in the playlist. We can add videos and can vote on videos.


 In the chat room admin is capable to delete or remove videos according to the situations. The videos with the range of votes played next.  It is also available for the mobile in little bit form. If we play some new videos then search Dailymotion, YouTube etc.  Together Tube website is safe and scam to use. Some websites are looking legit but in fact fake. The page reminder page shows that all the data and we are able to find which helps us to review togethertube.com to determine it may be reliable or a fraud.

Together Tube is easy to use and we can watch movies, videos and listen to music with friends together. Together Tube provides a lot of fun to its users. One amazing thing is that there is no need to create an account. There are many features about Together Tube but some of them are mention bellow.

Careful Features:

  • The Availability of Synchronized Player
  • Chatting  System
  • Voting  System
  • Chat Room Setting System         

Visit: Website (Free)

6- Rave

Rave is a multimedia sharing service that share videos contents. It allows its users to text chat, Audio chat, watching the videos contents   together with Netflix, Vimeo, YouTube, Raddit, etc. Rave provides the mobile application for IOS and Android smartphone or tablets. Watch movies and listen music while chatting with your friends. Rave is most popular Rabb.it alternative.


Rave is also known as pioneer in multimedia messaging application service. It offers to their users a best streaming service like watching movies or videos with perfect manner. It also creates a social environment for their user experience. Rave can convert a smartphone into a speaker system. Rave also has a feature of composing mashups from the user selected way. It has many features but some of them are mention here.


  • Videos sharing/streaming
  • Videos storage platform
  • Rave  base  on the  playback synchronizing service
  • Watch movies together on real-time.

Visit: Website (Free)

7- Mycircle.Tv

Mycircle.tv can create videos sharing on social services and also makes experience in web conferencing. It is very easy to use and unique service to watch videos/movies together in real time. We can watch movies on it by perfect video streaming experience.This amazing Rabb.it alternative. The amazing thing is that we can watch same videos at the same time and it can also be controlled. We can also share website with our friends. Use Pro version for advanced professional features and also for best social experiences.


We can chat with our friends in the chat room during watching videos or movies at the same time. We can also listen music or audio and upload videos on it. In which we can watch movies as we in YouTube, Dailymotion.  We can create a chat room and invites to our friends.  It doesn’t require any registration or any creation of account because it is free to use.

This is the best way to enjoys movies together with your friends. On homepage search section is available. You can send a link to invite your friends. Here are many features about mycircle.tv but some of them are mention below;                               


  • Provide many audio or video formats
  • Upload videos up to 5GB
  • Use pro version for advanced features
  • Keep the history of your invitations
  • Watch videos together with friends                             

Visit: Website (Free)

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8- Netflix Party

Netflix Party is one of the best Rabbit alternatives for videos streaming. Netflix Party is simple and easy to use. We can watch videos and chill collectively on Netflix party at the same time. Netflix party works on any web browser. We can create Netflix account just sign up without any registration cost. We can create our own chat room on it after our accounts creation. It allows us to search videos on provided search bar. We can share videos and invites our friends.

Netflix Party

Netflix Party is a new way to watch videos/movies collectively.  We can chat with our friends while watching videos or movies. To make it amazing, its chat feature provides smile or emojis and also GIFs. Netflix party is very amazing and most popular co-watching service. It does not provide audio chat but provides a lot of fun for text chat. We can watch videos or movies with synchronized video playback. Because it is most popular Rabb.it alternative. We can create Netflix parties to watch our selected or favorite videos collectively. Here are many feature but some of them important are mention below;

Careful Features:

  • Customize our Netflix Party
  • Available for chrome browser
  • Stay in sync with our friends watching Netflix Shows      
  • Best sync playback for Netflix users
  • Comes with group chat and supports GIFs and Emojis
  • Limited to Netflix only!
  • No webcam or audio support!

Visit: Website (Free)

9- SynapTop

SynapTop is the best videos streaming website. SynapTop is an entertainment platform for us and for our friends. This is the best Rabb.it alternative. SynapTop supports to user for watching TV dramas or shows, listening to music, reading books and play games together. If we don’t use secure internet connection then the movies will keep buffering all the time.


 We can add our friends after creating an account of SynapTop. We interact with our friends with the help of SynapTop Signup. It is a best streaming service and can share all types of contents. It is web-based service therefore; here is no need to download anything.  We can watch movies only on available title.


  • Read Books, Play Games, Watch Movies, Listen Music
  • Watch Movies Only  On Available Title Base
  • Attractive Interface       

Visit: Website (Free)

10- Airtime

This is the best ever Rabb.it alternative. Airtime is the best is videos streaming app for mobile. We can chat with our friends after making chat room. We can use animation sticker, GIFs and sound reaction. We can watch YouTube videos together during room chat. It supports media playback and audio commentary. We can send photo or short clip and   text during watching movies or videos.


It supports up to 10 users our chat room. We can share everything with our friends no matter where are they located. It’s available for both Android and IOS. We will be able to share all the content on your android or IOS device with your friends or family. We can play games with our buddies. Airtime is specially develops for us to share everything on our mobile device. When we use chat room we learn many thing from its communities.  It gives us a sense of community whenever, our friends aren’t near. Now we need to enter our phone just for the signup. After this quick process we can invites our friends. It works as well as Whatsapp .

Visit: Website (Free)



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