How to eat a balanced diet

A balanced diet is one of the most straightforward nutrition systems that permit you to keep your body in an “energy tone.” The main principle of such a system is to plan your breakfast, lunch, and dinner and use a maximum of healthy products.


The difference between a balanced diet and diets

Most people perceive a balanced diet, as a rigorous diet, the refusal of all the delicious, sweet dishes, and the transition only to fresh, but healthy food. They are wrong!

As a rule, the meaning of all diets is reduced to control in the diet, reducing the consumption of certain foods. But if you look at the problem from a balanced diet, then the nature of the body is very dependent on all the components of the diet (fats, proteins, carbohydrates, etc.), and that is why they are fully present in the diet. You will eat almost the same products, but in a different manner, at another time and in a different quantity.

Balanced Nutrition Rules

  • Eat as many calories as you can spend per day. The rule is very simple: if you eat a lot, but you sit in the office all day, you will definitely get more helpful.
  • You need to eat fully, in the ratio of 1: 1: 4, where 1 – fats and proteins, and 4 – carbohydrates.
  • Increase your diet; do not let your stomach get bored! Moreover, all goods are available in any store: vegetables, fruits, meat, poultry, fish, nuts, dairy products, bread, pasta, berries, greens, etc.
  • Control your weight. It is your overall Health depends heavily. Help your body consume the energy that you “invest” in it during the day. For example, 5-10 minutes of jogging will be more extra than enough!
  • Eat more often. Strangely enough, it is better to eat food five times a day a little bit than one time but a lot. The body is not a machine, reduce the load on it.
  • Eat Fiber It is found in vegetables, legumes, bran, cereals, and whole-grain products. Cellulose is a non-digestible dietary fiber that cleans the gastrointestinal tract.
  • Eat less fat. Fat is good for the body, yet urban residents have less need for it. Try to move from deep-fried foods to boiled or baked.
  • Less sugar. It negatively affects the teeth, leading to weight gain. Children can’t restrict themselves at all. Try to drink less sugary drinks, replace desserts with fruits and nuts.
  • Less salt. Excess salt in the diet points to hypertension. Try to reduce its value when cooking.
  • Less alcohol. Alcohol is not a food! With an extra of its use, the body harms from alcohol increase appetite, and the drink itself is high-calorie.

Pros of balanced nutrition

After a month of agreement with such nutrition, your body will be cleansed of unnecessary substances. The body will begin to receive as many vitamins and strengths as the body needs for a healthy life. Overweight will start to decrease all Health will improve. Dyspnea, insomnia, and general tiredness will disappear.

Using the meal plan is very simple. It is enough to make a schedule of cooking a week per week and stop eating junk food.

Cons of balanced nutrition

In any situation, you will have to control your diet, monitor what lies in the plate. At first, it will be unusual, some food will seem fresh, but after a week you will not notice the difference. Many will find it challenging to give up alcohol, but the very fact of giving up alcohol is hardly a minus. 

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